E Week India Awards


What are the E Week India Awards?

Who can compete for the Awards?

What criteria determine the Awards winners?

What criteria determine the Special Awards winners?

What are the documents required from participants?

What is the process for selecting the winners?

What do the winners get?

When and how will the winners be notified?



What are the E Week India Awards?


From February 11 to 18 2012, over 450 academic institutes from the NEN community will come together across the country to promote entrepreneurship and Invent the Future for a better world. E Week India Award winners are those institutes that best demonstrate the spirit of E Week and provide the extraordinary leadership required to make E Week India a success.


E Week India 2012 Awards winners will be selected in 4 categories:

•    E Week India Champions (6 nos.)

•    E Week India Runners Up (8 nos.)

•    E Week India Honor Roll (14 nos.)

•    E Week India Debut Awards (2 nos.)


Additionally, there are Special Awards winners for which will be selected in 3 categories:


1.    Nilima Rovshen Creativity and Innovation Awards (1 no.)

2.    Most Effective Public Awareness Campaign (1 no.)

3.    E Week@School Award (1 no.)


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Who can compete for the Awards?


These awards are given to NEN Member Institutes. E Cells of NEN Member Institutes compete against each other for the Championship and other awards mentioned above. In order to compete for the awards, an institute MUST:

•    be an active NEN Member Institute

•    have registered for E Week India 2012 Awards on the E Week Website (Registrations open January 7, 2012)

•    have submitted the required documents for evaluation


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What criteria determine the Awards winners?


The three main criteria determining the E Week India Champions, Runners Up, and Honor Roll awards include:

1.    Awareness and buzz created around entrepreneurship and E week

2.    Quality of programs - innovative, creative and learning oriented

3.    Relevance to the 2012 theme – Invent the Future

In addition, participation for at least 5 of the 8 days of E Week India will be the distinct criterion for all the E Week India Awards.


Indicators of each of the criteria are provided below:


1. Awareness and Buzz:

E Week 2012 aims to create large-scale awareness and excitement around entrepreneurship and opportunities in India on NEN member campuses and in the community. Champions are expected to create this buzz, which may be indicated by:

•    Large and a diverse number of events: competitions, expositions, educational movie screenings, entrepreneur talks, awareness campaigns etc.

•    High levels of participation:

o    Management, faculty, students on campus

o    Community: students, faculty of other campuses, alumni, professionals, and entrepreneurs 

•    Effective marketing of E Week India and its activities


2. Quality of Programs:

Ideally, Champions run innovative events that are a mix of fun and serious learning. Indicators to determine quality include:

•    Thoughtfully-created events that inspire, inform and educate. They are defined by:

o    Clear learning objectives

o    Sound structure, plan and content 

•    High levels of participation

•    Innovativeness and creativity

•    Sustainability - able to run on an ongoing basis beyond E Week

•    Ability to engage relevant speakers


3. Relevance to the theme – Invent the Future

We expect that Champions will make special efforts to incorporate the three ways to get started (Create, Use, Change) into their activities and increase public awareness about and demonstrate appreciation for the various opportunities offered by challenges in various sectors in India.


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What criteria determine the Special Awards winners?


Special awards are built around specific events and E Cells can apply for this award separately from applying for the overall Championships. Key indicators that determine the special awards include:


a)    Nilima Rovshen Creativity and Innovation Award:

Given to the most creative, innovative and resourcefully designed and implemented event or program

b)    Most Effective Public Awareness Campaign Award:

Given to the most creative outreach program or event reaching and directly engaging large numbers of people in E Week

c)    E Week@School Award

Given to the Member Academic Institute that engages the highest number of school students in entrepreneurship using the E Week@School activity.


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What are the documents required from participants?


Institutes participating in the E Week India 2012 Awards will be expected to submit documentation to support the above. NEN has provided documentation templates to help present the information in a structured manner for the purpose of judging. Additionally, we are looking for photographs and copies of marketing collaterals to support, validate and enhance the documentation that competing institutes provide. You can view sample materials here to help guide you through the process.



 •   E Week India Awards Application form
•    E Week 2012 Documentation Sample file_Main template
•    E Week 2012 Activity Info Addendum_template
•    Documentation Special award - Nilima Rovshen Creativity & Innovation award
•    Documentation Special award - Most effective public awareness campaign

Download all


Please ensure that both the documents are completely and accurately filled and e-mailed to eweek[at]nenonline.org by January 30 2012.


Marketing collaterals and photographs of events and activities should be e-mailed to photos[at]nenonline.org and eweek[at]nenonline.org by February 15, 2012.


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What is the process for selecting the winners?


The judging process for the E Week Awards and the Special Awards includes the following: 


Step 1: Application for the awards

Step 2: Shortlist based on authenticated info from the institutes   

Step 3: Verification and audit of the submissions from all shortlisted

Step 4: Selection by a final E Week panel based on the audited information


Step 1: Application for an Award

E Cells MUST APPLY specifically for the different categories of awards that they are contending. It is fine to apply for more than 1 category. Please refer back to the award categories for details of the awards.
Application to an award includes submitting a) overall application form on behalf of the institute b) submitting details of the programs that the E Cell is running, depending upon the awards that the E Cell may be applying to.


Please refer to the E Week documentation requirements before submitting your application.


E Cells can download the Application form and the other documentation formats from the E Week India Website (www.eweekindia.org) starting January 7th, 2012.


Every application form must be filled up completely, verified and signed by the Dean or the Director of the Institute. The Institute takes responsibility for the authentication of the information submitted by the contesting teams.


Only completed application that includes, the Application form along with the required documents will be accepted for consideration for the Awards.


Step 2: Shortlist based on authenticated information from the institutes

A first shortlist of 45 contenders based on the authenticated information from the institutes is developed by a NEN Trust team panel for the E Week India Awards.


Shortlists of 5 each for the ‘2 categories of the Debut Awards’ and the ‘2 categories of the Special Award’ are developed.


Step 3: Audit of information submitted

The application submissions of each of the short-listed programs is verified and audited extensively for authenticity by the NEN Trust team.


The auditors will be looking for the following indicators:

• Actual implementation of the presented plan – you are doing what you have said.

• ‘Buzz’ or ‘energy’ on campus:  there is general vibrancy around campus with lots of things happening; clear presence of E Week branding with extensive & creative use of materials; large scale participation in any given event or program;  general awareness amongst students, management and faculty about E Week and entrepreneurship.

• Awareness off campus: the campaign has created large scale awareness off campus about E Week and entrepreneurship. Additionally, the program has meaningfully engaged stakeholders - directly involved the public in awareness campaigns including pledge ceremony, discussions and other activities.

• High quality of programs – this is reflected in content and delivery of the program to inspire, inform and educate; and in how well the program is organized. High quality is an outcome of thoughtful and systematic work and advance planning. Programs with higher speaker and teaching content; and first hand entrepreneurial experience generally result in higher learning and are desirable.


The audits will include: 


1. On the ground verification
An NEN Trust team member will visit each campus on the short-list for E Week India Award to verify the on the ground ‘buzz’ and ‘energy’ in addition to developing a clear sense for the quality of the programs run by you.


The audit team member will use your submitted schedule of activities to decide best times to visit. The visits will be unannounced and during the visit the audit team member may choose to do one or all of the following:

a) Meet with the management

b) Look around the campus

c) Interact with the students

d) Interact with members of the audience of a specific program


2. Phone audits

In addition to the ‘on the ground audit’ one or more audit team member/s will verify the happenings on campus and information related to sponsorships etc. through phone conversations with participating speakers or sponsors or any of the organizing team members including E Leaders and Faculty leaders.
Please note: contact info of all speakers, sponsor contacts and organizers is required if you are competing for the Awards.

Step 4: Final Selection of the winners from the audited information:

The audited information will be presented to the E Week 2012 panel of judges. The panel will include senior Trust team members and entrepreneurs from the community. 


Note: All contenders are encouraged to discuss ideas and plans with their NEN Consultants in advance to help them flesh out the details.


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What do the winners get?


E Week India Champions will receive their Championship Cups during the gala Awards Ceremony. They will be showcased on the E Week India Website and the NEN website, and in the DARE magazine. In addition, the press will be notified.


Two representatives from each E Week India Champion institutes will be flown in to receive their Championship Cups at the E Week India Awards Ceremony on Feb 18th in Bangalore. As many students are encouraged to attend as possible!


E Week Runners Up, Honor Roll winners and Special Awards winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony. These winners will receive Plaques, which will be couriered to the Principal or Director of the Institute. The awardees will be recognized on the E Week India Website and on the NEN website, and the press will also be notified


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When and how will the winners be notified?


All E Week India Awards Winners will be notified during E Week and invited to attend the Prize Giving during the Awards Ceremony in Bangalore. NEN team members will call the NEN Faculty Leaders and will e-mail both the NEN Faculty Leaders and the E Cell Leaders to let them know.


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