E Week@Schools


The thrill of dreaming big, the joy of turning that dream into reality – in today’s India, more and more opportunities are open to young people, as long as they have the right skills and knowledge. And many of the critical skills are labelled “entrepreneurship.”


In its second year now, E Week@School brings the celebration of Entrepreneurship Week India into schools. NEN has created an opportunity for faculty, and volunteers, to introduce their students to the joys and skills of entrepreneurship by running an exercise called the Rs. 50 Exercise. Originated at Stanford University, run successfully at hundreds of top Indian institutes, the exercise has been adapted to work for students aged 7 – 12 years.


What is the Rs. 50 Exercise?


Rs. 50 is a game or an exercise in which students form teams, and each team dreams up an idea, starts a “company” investing a maximum of Rs. 50, and by the end of the ½ day exercise, sees how much they have learned...and earned.


So, take ½ a day, a group of young students, and a handful of adults – and see the entrepreneurial sparks start to fly! And share your stories to inspire the nation.


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Special Award: The E Week@School Award


Every E Week, we are excited by the extraordinary efforts of young NEN E Leaders like you across the country, who reach out to school students in the neighbourhood to spread the message of entrepreneurship. We know how much you enjoy doing it – and we want to give you the support and encouragement you need to do your best. Introduced last year, E Week@School aims to recognize and support your efforts in taking E Week to schools. Importantly, it offers you an opportunity to enable school students to experience entrepreneurship in fun, powerful ways.


If this is a priority for you during your E Week India celebrations, we recommend you register for the

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